Get better at go

On this page you will find different lessons for people of different levels. If you have any specific topics you want covered just leave a comment.

What should also be remembered for every lesson is that everything is subjective and that I (for example) am a used to be 3 kyu who just happens to love the game. Read the lessons and try understand them, do not just memorize.

For the rest, enjoy!

Introduction to the basic 4 rules (not 3 like everybody says)

1. Territory 
2. Liberties 
3. Life and death 
4. Ko rule

After learning the rules it’s time to go play around. I propose starting on 9*9 and working your way up. Because a 19*19 board can look  so big for a beginner. a great program I propose is Igowin. This computer will play fast 9*9 games all day long so that you can get the basics right. Make sure to download it.

And once you’re confident about your level then why not join an online go server like KGS.

Commented go games for different levels

20 Kyu 

Go lessons for different levels

30 kyu: the ladder (In progress…)

30 kyu: The net (In progress…)

These lessons will be based on games played by people who have the given levels. For now only my games are used but I hope to be able to use others people’s games too. To see what other people did wrong and then end up with the most fitting lessons at the most fitting levels. If I can use your games too, then please let me know (by giving me for example your kgs account). The more games to analyse the better ^^.

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