20 Kyu game review

This is a game that I played as I was getting started on KGS and I totally got destroyed by a 19 kyu. The review you are about to read now will help to clarify some concepts or will even give you new ideas about how you wish to approach the game. Just remember always that my analysis is personal, there is nobody who has the perfect knowledge of the game. I also didn’t talk about everything but picked out the parts that looked more important:  enjoy ^^

The game started normally. I got to start and with move 7 tried to show I was a fighter, nothing wrong with that seeing that white also followed the same style with 10. Move 12 stole my groups base on the left side, thus it will be harder for me to make eye shape there, and in the same time reinforcing white’s group on the left stronger. The other aspect of 12 (which is an amazing move), is that it threatens to cut through black 5 and 9. If those two stones get divided it will be hard to save both of them. one must try and Keep his stones connected. Lets see what I did:

Dia 2: moves 1 – 20

My amazingly surprising move was 13… It did not cut white, it did not help connect my stones, and it did not run to the center, it just wasn’t an amazing move. White played solid, I made another move that wasn’t impressive and white calmly punished my slack play and completed the cut with 20. The game had just started and already my amazing skills were getting me in trouble.

dia 3 : moves 21 – 40

After wasting another move with 21 on a small group that doesn’t have any clear goal anymore, I finally played on another side of the board to get something done there.  All this time I was doing one space jumps like 23 and 27, but these are moves with little ambition. One should definitely play a little faster and make wider extensions if you can.  with 28 and the sequence that follows white once again cut’s my groups to attack them. My move 35 runs to the center,  because I have no playing space on any other side but black calmly closes me in.

dia 3: moves 40 – 59

In dia 3 we see white play on the first line with 42, this is okay because that move’s intention is not to let black connect. 43 though is bad. One should not play on the first or second lines early in the game, results from such moves are usually too small. After fighting for life in the top left black has too abandon his stones, but first I used a prayer move 57. And you never guess but white let his key stones get captured.

An important lesson says: ‘Never let your key stones get captured‘. The two white stones which get eaten with 59 are key stones because they are crucial in splitting the black groups at the top. If they die black manages to save his group at the top.

dia 4: moves 60 – 109

Move 63 shows the importance of practicing Life and Death problems. The black group at the top cannot be killed by white so I could have used that move to take the initiative. Anyway following the sequence we see black isn’t as good as white yet. while white has been splitting black up all over the board, black does not manage to keep the white group in the bottom left corner from connecting to the group a bit higher.

The game continues as white bullied me around at I would like to pause on this board situation:

When choosing which moves to play the first thing one does is look for any stones that need to be defended. It’s blacks turn and black has two huge problems: Group Which is huge and doesn’t have two eyes and for whome I cannot hope to dream of resurection, and stone   which doesn’t have a base. White on the other hand is doing better than black all over the board, this game is already pretty much over.

From there on out white pushed with his lead till the end. He did make the same mistake as he did at the top of the board and let group save itself by connecting at the bottom. But this second miracle wasn’t enough for me and I ended up losing by 70.5 points.

What we can learn from this game is:

Split other peoples groups but keep yours connected

Don’t expand your territory with one space extentions, go a little faster

Don’t play on the second and first lines early in the game (unless you have a good excuse)

Recognize your key stones and protect them

Practice life and death

The most important moves are the moves which defend from sere attacks or killings.

I hope you enjoyed the review, and could learn something from the game. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you want And let me know if I can use your games to comment on.

Enjoy life! Play go!

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